Where Could You Find Cheetah Or Leopard Print Wallpaper For Your Room?


Emma Hayes

There I was in a hot yoga studio with plenty of bright natural light and bending myself into pretzel like positions for the very first time.



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From a black leopard print wallpaper to funky pink ones, we have many choices for you to bring animal elegance into your home. Whether you choose cheetah print or leopard print, these patterns will surely be a bold statement.

Try the cute Leap design as a feature wall in a safari-themed nursery or Boho living room. It also works well in a fashionable boutique.

Cheetah Print Wallpaper

Animal prints are an easy way to add an exotic look and feel to any room in the home or business. This versatile type of wallpaper can range from cute animals for children’s rooms to elegant peacock and roosters for dining areas. World of Wallpaper has a full range of different animal print wallpapers that are sure to fit any taste. You can choose a cheetah print wallpaper that features bold black spots or opt for a leopard print design with rosettes for a more intricate aesthetic. There are also fun animal print papers that feature bursts of color, like pink cheetah spots or blue leopard print.

Cheetah Print Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Animal print wallpaper is a natural complement to nature-inspired or neutral color schemes. It’s also a great accent for eclectic or vintage style spaces. Pair cheetah print with other patterns to add depth and interest. Snakeskin and floral prints can be used to complement cheetah, or try a more refined snake print with soft colors for a subtle contrast.

The RoomMates self-adhesive peel and stick wallpaper features prancing cheetahs in creative cat-like poses, blending into their surroundings with fluid leopard spots in warm ivory and dark brown hues. This user-friendly option can be installed in a matter of minutes and removed effortlessly in full strips without leaving sticky residue or damage to walls.

These cheetah print gifts are ideal for that friend who has safari dreams but can’t quite play out their wild side. Treat them to a cheetah print framed art print that is eco-friendly and minimal, while still making a statement. Get more info on this wallpaper singapore website.

Cheetah Print Wall Paper

Animal print wallpaper adds a sleek, sophisticated touch to any space, whether it’s a nature-themed nursery or a fierce home office. Choose from cheetah and leopard prints that range in intensity from straightforward black spots to intricate rosettes to find the perfect match for your home. For a bold impact, feature a cheetah stripe wallpaper on multiple walls or use it as an accent in your living room or bedroom. If you prefer a more subtle approach, try our Leap design featuring a repeating cheetah print motif on warm stone gray and light cream backgrounds. If you’re looking to go even wilder, this collection also includes zebra stripe and leopard print designs.

Leopard Print Wallpaper

Let your wild side take center stage with a leopard print wallpaper. Whether you want to pair it with other animal prints or modern neutrals, this print makes for a bold statement of fashion and style. This wallpaper design can wrap around multiple walls for a jungle-themed room or add a fierce flair to your Boho bedroom, safari-style living area or modern office.

This leopard pattern is available in black and white options as well as subtle browns and pinks. The textured surface adds interest to any space, and the spots are delicate enough for a background accent or focal wall.

Explore the full range of animal wallpapers from World of Wallpaper for your next home project. Designed and made in our studios, these designs are printed onto an adhesive-backed material that can be removed and repositioned without leaving residue on walls or furniture. They are ideal for DIY room makeovers without the fuss of traditional wallpaper.


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Emma Hayes

There I was in a hot yoga studio with plenty of bright natural light and bending myself into pretzel like positions for the very first time.